I’m an art director, graphic designer, and artist. I specialize in both interactive and print design. Here's everything you need to know.

I have a serious case of wanderlust; I spent the past decade learning my trade in distant corners of the world and learned various important life lessons:

In London I studied at University of the Arts London for my MA in Communication Design, and became a designer in the British publishing industry. There, I picked up a tea addiction and an encyclopedia of rude words.

In Amsterdam, I worked as a designer at an advertising agency where I also learned to ride a bike like the locals— talking on a cell phone and carrying groceries.

In Italy I studied typography at Scuola Internazionale di Grafica Venezia (I learned that you can eat too much pizza).

In Washington, DC I completed my BFA in Graphic Design at the Corcoran College of Art + Design where I mastered speed-walking down clogged sidewalks while carrying a full-size portfolio. 

I named my website ‘iheartgrid’, after my love for the asymmetrical sensibilities of Swiss design. Fittingly, I now live in LA: one sprawling urban grid, lined with palm trees. I am enamored by a love for the forgotten art of bookbinding.

My book ‘The Social Contract’— part of my Master's Degree thesis— was included in Art in Book, a collection of ‘outstanding creative book designs’. I also love murals and I’ve painted on skate park walls, and even in my apartments.

(If my landlord is reading this, I’m sorry.)